My Story


 My purpose for creating this website is to inspire others. The aim is to encourage them to become more mindful. To show different ways to express their positivity and to do it through nonverbal expressions. Nonverbal expressions are some of the best ways to show the world what tribe you are from. The Zen Vibes is a tribe are ZenVibers who seek peace, relaxation, good karma, and love in our world.

Creating this website is the best way I could think of that would allow me to express so many parts of my creativity in one place, one time, and simultaneously. While accomplishing my goal, that is to be inspiring.

My entire life, I have been an extremely creative person, and throughout that time, this creativity has taught me a lot about Peace, Tranquility, Mindfulness & Zen.

Because when I am in the Flow & I'm creating. Nothing else matters. The cares of the world vanish away. When I have finished expressing this creative energy, I'm usually left with something beautiful, or sometimes, even something I could use. And if someone else sees it, interacts with it, or uses it and enjoys it. Well, that is another reason to have spent the effort creating it. Because now I get to enjoy it through someone else's eyes. Creativity is for sharing. It is to be shared.

That is the reason I have been so creative. I am to share it with others, not just to show it, but to have others share it with me.
I have always been creative. I am happiest when I'm creative/creating. I am in the Flow. I am Zen.
I thank the universe and my lucky stars for making me a creative person. Creativity has kept me sane. Imagination has saved my life.

And since most people love to be expressive and like having their things speak for themselves. I created a line of thoughtful pieces to encourage us to be more self-aware, world-aware, environmentally aware, positive, and loving. These inspiring, and affirmational products are great mindfulness essentials, empowerment tools, and make thoughtful gifts.
Authentically CREATIVE
Authentically me.

I hope to learn from the community I interact with, to inspire if I can, and most of all. I look forward to being inspired.

Paulette (Lette) B.