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Promoting the eastern practices of good health, Zen wellness, mindful relaxation, and positive energy in a fun & colorful way.

The Zen Vibes Shop aims to motivate our friends to be more mindful, to show different ways to express that mindfulness, and to use that expression to inspire others. 

About Mindfulness:  Mindfulness is an intentional, present-focused spiritual exercise emphasizing awareness of one's surroundings and emotions without becoming overwhelmed by past or future worries. The mindfulness practitioner's goal is to remain focused on conscious thoughts and behaviors, developing a practical and spiritual approach to everyday life."

Mindfulness technique is a practice respected and revered by the medical field, regarding the mental, physical, and overall well-being of the individual, the group, and society as a whole.

"A person who is practicing mindfulness has a heightened self-awareness. They self-monitor so that they are aware of their thoughts and emotional state. They have higher levels of body-and-mind awareness, and that of their present circumstances, including the people around them." (attunment.org)

Our pieces serve as prompts, reminders, or cues to sit up, stand straight, take slow deep breaths, and check in with yourself.  Making sure you remember who you are, that you are I AM, and that I Am, is strong, powerful, and infinite. All is well with you because all is well with I AM. 

Some items (Apparel, Home-goods, Accessories & Jewelry) are designed with good words/positive affirmations because words are the second most effective forms of communication.             

 It is "written that "In the beginning was the word, and the word was with God, and the word was God." John1:1 

Words are important. Mindfulness is important. Let's use both for the good of all creatures, great and small.     

Other designs are done with inspiring imagery that creates a sense of calm, a smiling attitude, and good vibrations because visual communication, is the number one form of communication.

"And God saw that it was good."  It was very good.     

God used words and sight to create & communicate and we are like unto God.   

The fate of the world rests on Zenful minds. Will you take up the task? 

Livvve, Lovvve, Zennn


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