Your Mind Shouldn't Be The Last Thing On Your Mind

Your Mind Shouldn't Be The Last Thing On Your Mind

Feeling wacky, or a bit ding batty? Yeah. Well, most of us are running around being super people and are forgetting to take a moment to wind down and defrag our minds. Yes, I said defrag, because our minds need time to pause, slow down and put all those half-opened files back in order and back in the place they were taken from.

In this time of grind and grow. A time where you spend most of your day trying to come up. You are looking at tv, the internet, social media and you see all these wonderful people having a great time and showing off all their wonderful toys, and feeling that you are slacking before you are not doing the same things. So you run around trying to catch up. Making yourself feel inferior, insecure, or small. Not realizing that most of these people that are out there showing off have a whole host of issues to deal with that they are not showing.

Then there are those, that are running around in their everyday lives. Living in situations that they are unhappy with; Adulterous relationships, eating disorders, drugs, alcohol, shopping, gambling to name a few. Most of whom, know that they should make a change but are afraid to do so. This brings to mind this question that I was asked once. "Which is worst the man who knows that he doesn't know. Or, the man that doesn't know that he doesn't know?" It puzzled me at the time. I now think that the worse of the is he man who doesn't know that he doesn't know. I could be wrong.
You know that these habits and/or situations are an albatross around your neck. You know that some of these things are the causes for you not getting to sleep at night. That, they are causing you to not be living your best lives. Yet, you hesitate to do something about it. But, it can be better. You can be the best version of yourself. If you would only give yourself a chance.

You can take some simple steps to make a difference in your own life and mind.
1. Get help:
a: Psychologist. b: Therapist. c: Counselor
2. Start an exercise regimen:
a: Aerobics. b: Yoga Class. c: Tai Chi, Dance, or walking.
3. Improve Self:
a: Read, b: Write, c: Meditate, d: Self Coach, e: Go Church, or any Supportive group you choose.

Just get started, and do something.

Any one of these suggestions, could improve your mind and help you be the best you, you could ever be. And isn't that what you really want out of this life?
Just, remember. Your mind, should not be the last thing on your mind.

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