Love is not obsessed, selfish, absorbed, or centered.

Love is an intense feeling of deep affection and encompasses a range of strong positive emotional and mental states.

It is caring about a person or thing so deeply that you want only the best for them, the best health, the best foods, the best look, the best mind, the best education, the best life, and only the very best of outcomes.

You would do anything for them; you would give them your finest, you would think only the best of them, you would wish them well, you would be considerate of them, you would be forgiving of them, you would take care of them, you would encourage them, you would salute their accomplishments, you would inspire them, you would be their cheerleader, you would motivate them, you would cry with them, you would laugh with them, you would enjoy their company, you would think of them often, you would check-in with them to see how they're doing, physically or otherwise, you would care about their emotional wellbeing, you would want them to take care of themselves, in every way possible; not only for themselves but for you too. You want to enjoy them for a long time. You support their dreams, their wishes, their aspirations, their hopes, and their endeavors, you would be very understanding of them, and you would allow them to be sad when they must be, but then you would encourage them to come out of it, come out and see the brighter day.

 Self-love hearts

Fall In Love With Your Self This Valentine’s Day (LOVEUARY).

You should be your own best love.

Truly loving yourself is a positive, inspiring, contagious, and wonderful experience.

Someone expressing self-love exudes that to everyone around them and the world.

It encourages others to partake in that type of activity.

I'm advocating that we each self-explore/reflect and see ourselves as beautiful beings full of love, worthy of love, and born of love (divine love). We would treat ourselves, others, and our environment with that sincere expression of love.

Happy Loveuary, Todayuary& Every Dayuary!

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