Focused Attention Minder

Focused Attention Minder


Definition: A center of activity, attraction, or attention.

To begin your journey on Focus, you must start by taking a few moments that allow you to concentrate your attention on a single object(a piece of artwork, a vase, a tree, a leaf); activity(breathing, a single thought, knitting, painting, yoga); scenery(lights, nature, art), or a feeling(a touch of something soft, warm, cool, textured, smooth).  Staying with this sensation for at least 5-15 minutes, or even longer.  You could do this for a shorter amount of time if time is limited, and anywhere you happen to be.  Just remember to Focus on that, and only that.  No distractions;  you are just taking that moment to get back to zero. Doing this at home is the ideal setting. But, pretty much anywhere will do. You only need to be in a determined frame of mind to get started.

Multi-tasking hurts.  Be Present.

Focus Reminders & ZenVibers.

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